Monitor Advanced Threat Prevention

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access
  • NGFW
  • Advanced Threat Prevention or Threat Prevention License
Palo Alto Networks provides several options to monitor activity processed by Advanced Threat Prevention to accommodate intelligence retrieval for a range of products that rely on Advanced Threat Prevention and the associated data. Depending on the product platform, you can access high-level dashboards that also provide DNS request statistics and usage trends, including context into network activity, and DNS request details from specific users.
For a high-level view of network activity, you can view the dashboard which provides visibility into the network’s overall threat management data as well as various DNS trends. Each dashboard card provides a unique view into a threat’s impact to your network, in a graphical report format. This provides an at-a-glace insight into the entities which are most affected by threats, based on application, user, as well as which security rules are enforcing your organization’s policies.
Palo Alto Networks provides several methods to monitor the threat activity:

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