Prisma Access

  1. Use the credentials associated with your Palo Alto Networks support account and log in to the Prisma Access application on the hub.
    The Threat Prevention subscription bundles the antivirus, anti-spyware, and vulnerability protection features in one license and is part of your Prisma Access subscription. For information about the applications and services offered with Prisma Access, refer to All Available Apps and Services. To verify subscriptions for which you have currently-active licenses, Check What’s Supported With Your License.
  2. (
    ) Create custom security profiles for antivirus, anti-spyware, and vulnerability protection.
    Alternatively, you can use the predefined Best-Practice profiles.
    Transition safely to best practice Security profiles for the best security posture.
  3. Attach security profiles to your
    Security Policy Rules
    . Prisma Access enforces best practice security policy rules by default.
    When you configure a Security policy rule that uses a Vulnerability Protection profile to block connections when exploits or attempts to gain unauthorized access are detected, Prisma Access automatically blocks that traffic and logs those incidents (see Monitor Blocked IP Addresses).
    1. Select
      Security Policy
      and select the rule you want to modify or
      Add Rule
    2. In
      Action and Advanced Inspection
      , select the
      Profile Group
      and that includes the following security profiles:
      , and
      Vulnerability Protection
      You can create new Profile groups in
      Profile Groups
      . For more information, refer to Enable a Security Profile.
      By default, the
      profile group is enabled with the best-practice configuration for all available security profiles.
  4. Commit your changes.

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