Prisma Access

If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access:
Toggle over to the
tab and follow the guidance there.
If you’re using Prisma Access Cloud Management, continue here.
  1. Update or create a URL Access Management profile.
    1. Go to
      Security Services
      URL Access Management
    2. On the URL Access Management dashboard, select a URL Access Management profile or
      Add Profile
      If you create a new profile, configure settings in the profile, such as site access for URL categories (
      Access Control
      ). Configure URL Filtering (Cloud Management) describes the available settings.
    3. Under
      Advanced URL Inline Categorization
      , select an inline categorization type.
      Both options enable real-time web page analysis and manage URL exceptions.
      • Enable cloud Inline Categorization
        —Enables real-time analysis of URLs by forwarding suspicious web page contents to the cloud for supplemental analysis, using machine learning based detectors that complement the analysis engines used by local inline ML.
      • Enable local Inline Categorization
        —Enables real-time analysis of URL traffic using machine learning models, to detect and prevent malicious phishing variants and JavaScript exploits from entering your network.
      • You can also define URL
        to exclude specific websites from inline machine learning actions.
    4. Save
      the profile.
  2. Apply the URL Access Management profile to a Security policy rule.
    To activate a URL Access Management profile (and any Security profile), add it to
    profile group
    and reference the profile group in a Security policy rule.

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