Prisma Access

If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access:
Toggle over to the
tab and follow the guidance there.
If you’re using Prisma Access Cloud Management, continue here.
  1. Select
    Security Services
    URL Access Management
    Access Control
  2. Under Custom URL Categories, select
    Add Category
    Enter a descriptive
    for the category.
  3. Set the custom URL category
    to either
    URL List
    Category Match
    • URL List
      —Use this list type to add URLs that you want to enforce differently than the URL category to which they belong or to define a list of URLs as belonging to a custom category. Consult the Guidelines for URL Category Exceptions as you create URL list entries.
    • Category Match
      —Provide targeted enforcement for websites that match a set of categories. The website or page must match all the categories defined in the custom category.
  4. Under
    either URLs or existing categories.
  5. Save
    the custom URL category.
  6. Define Site Access and User Credential Submissions settings for the custom URL category.
    1. Select
      Security Services
      URL Access Management
      URL Access Management Profiles
    2. Select an existing profile to modify or click
      Add Profile
    3. Under Access Control, select the custom URL category you created earlier. It sits under
      Custom URL Categories
      and above
      Pre-Defined Categories
    4. Set
      Site Access
      for the category.
    5. Set
      User Credential Submissions
      for the category.
    6. Save
      the profile.
  7. Apply the URL Access Management profile to a Security policy rule.
    A URL Access Management profile is only active when it’s included in a profile group that a Security policy rule references.
    Follow the steps to activate a URL Access Management profile (and any Security profile). Be sure to
    Push Config
    You can also use custom URL categories as Security policy rule match criterion. In this scenario, you do not define site access for the URL category in a URL Filtering profile. Instead, after creating a custom URL category, select the Security policy rule you want to add the custom URL category to (
    Security Services
    Security Policy
    ). Under
    Applications, Services and URLs
    and URL Category Entities, click
    Add URL Categories
    . Select the custom URL category you created, and then
    the Security policy rule.

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