Prisma Access

Regardless of the management interface you’re using (Panorama or Cloud Management), the Activity pane in Prisma Access Cloud Management gives you a comprehensive view of what’s happening in your network, from your log data to key findings that you can use to inform policy updates and close enterprise security and user productivity gaps. Various dashboards compose the Activity pane, which is available in the Prisma Access and Device Insights application. You can also share Activity data with other users in your organization.
The following interactive dashboards help you monitor and analyze web activity on your network:
  • —Your logs provide an audit trail for system, configuration, and network events. Jump from an Activity dashboard to your logs to get details and investigate findings.
  • —See an overview of the applications on your network, including their risk, sanction status, bandwidth consumed, and the top users of these applications.
  • —See which URL categories account for the most web activity in your network, the top 10 malicious URLs, and top 10 high-risk URLs.
  • User Activity—See individual users’ browsing patterns: their most frequently visited sites, the sites with which they’re transferring data, and attempts to access high-risk sites. The data from your URL Filtering logs and the Cloud Identity Engine enable this visibility.
  • Network Usage
  • To access user activity data and share reports easily and securely, we recommend activating and configuring the Cloud Identity Engine.
The Reports pane includes options for scheduling report delivery or downloading and sharing a report at any time for offline viewing.
You can also Search for a security artifact (an IP address, domain, URL, or file hash) to interact with data just for that artifact, drawn from both your network and global threat intelligence findings.

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