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Test A Site

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Test A Site

Submit a URL category change request on Palo Alto Networks Test A Site URL category checker.
  1. Log in
    to avoid completing a CAPTCHA test and entering your email on the change request form. Note that logging in is the only way to access the bulk change request form.
  2. Select a change request form to complete.
    • Change Request for a Single URL
      —Enter the
      you want to recategorize, and click
      . Underneath the URL category results, click
      Request Change
    • Bulk Change Request
      to Test A Site. Then, click submit a Bulk Change Request
  3. Complete the change request form.
    • Change Request for a Single URL
      —Suggest up to two new categories for the URL. Click
      Select category (from a list)
      , and select one category at a time. Optionally, leave a
      about your request. You can explain why your suggestion is appropriate, for example.
    • Bulk Change Request
      —Choose a
      File Format
      . Select Multiple Category if your change request includes two or more categories. For example, if you want to recategorize half of the URLs in your list to
      and the other half to
      Then, click
      Choose File
      , and select a CSV file to upload. The file should have one change request per line in this format:
      <URL>,<first suggested category>,<second suggested category>,<(optional) comment>
      . The file cannot exceed 1000 entries or be larger than 1MB. Optionally, leave a
      about your request.
  4. Submit
    the form.

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