URL Filtering Support

Learn which Palo Alto Networks products and services include Advanced URL Filtering features and what the supported features include
URL filtering features, those specific to Advanced URL Filtering or its predecessor URL Filtering, are available on PAN-OS next-generation firewalls (virtual and on-premises), Prisma Access (Cloud Management), and Cloud NGFW for AWS. However, each interface does not support all the same features. The following table lists all URL filtering features and the interfaces they are supported on.
Supported on
Prisma Access (Cloud Managed)
Separate License (i.e., Advanced URL Filtering features not included by default)
Prisma Access and Cloud NGFW for AWS do not require a separate Advanced URL Filtering license because Advanced URL Filtering features are included with purchase of the service
Local Inline Categorization
Not supported on the VM-50 or VM50L appliance
Custom URL Categories
User Credential Detection
Custom URL Filtering Response Pages
Safe Search Enforcement
  • Block Search Results When Strict Safe Search Is Off
  • Force Strict Safe Search
Allow Password Access to Certain Sites / URL Admin Overrides
SSL/TLS Handshake Inspection
Integration with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)
Log Only the Page User Visits / Log Container Page Only

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