Prisma Access

If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access:
Toggle over to the
tab and follow the guidance there.
If you’re using Prisma Access Cloud Management, continue here.
  1. Enable Prisma Access to reference an external dynamic list.
    An external dynamic list allows you to define an imported list of IP addresses, URLs, or domain names that you can use in policy rules to block or allow traffic.
    To set up an external dynamic list, go to
    External Dynamic Lists
    • Ensure that the list does not include IP addresses or domain names; the firewall skips non-URL entries.
    • Use the custom URL list guidelines to verify the list’s formatting.
    • Specify the
      List Type
      URL List
  2. Use the external dynamic list with URL Filtering.
    Go to
    Security Services
    URL Access Management
    • Specify
      Site Access
      for the URLs in the external dynamic list.
    • Exclude URLs in the external dynamic list from advanced inline categorization.
    You can also use external dynamic lists to create custom URL categories (return to the URL Access Management dashboard to do this).
    If a URL that is included in an external dynamic list is also included in a custom URL category, or block and allow list, the action specified in the custom category takes precedence over the external dynamic list.
  3. Test that the policy action is enforced.
    1. View the external dynamic list entries (
      External Dynamic Lists
      ) and try to access a URL from the list.
    2. Verify that the action you defined is enforced in the browser.

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