Prisma Access

If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access,
, you can follow the process below to access content in Prisma Access or toggle over to the
tab and follow the guidance there.
  1. Use the credentials associated with your Palo Alto Networks support account and log in to the Prisma Access application on the hub.
    For more information on using Activity, refer to the Log Viewer.
  2. Filter threat logs to display your WildFire sample submissions in Prisma Access.
    1. Select
      Log Viewer
    2. Change the log type to be searched to
    3. Create a search filter using the WildFire subtype used to indicate a WildFire sample submission using the query builder. For example, you can use
      sub_type.value = 'wildfire'
      to view your WildFire logs. Adjust the search criteria as necessary for your search, including additional query parameters (such as the severity level and action) along with a date range.
      To view the WildFire analysis report, you must log in to the WildFire portal and use the hash value or file name to retrieve the report file. For more information, refer to View Reports on the WildFire Portal.
    4. Run the query after you have finished assembling your filter.
    5. Select a log entry from the results to view the log details.
    6. The threat log
      is displayed in the
      pane along with other information about the sample. Other relevant details about the threat are displayed in their corresponding windows.

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