Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

AIOps for NGFW
can use machine learning to expose unusual behavior in your deployment.
Forecast and Anomaly Alerts are available only with a Premium
AIOps for NGFW
AIOps for NGFW
detects issues by applying fixed rules to the metrics in your deployment. For example, if
Management Plane CPU Usage
exceeds 85%, the metric enters a Critical state.
However, to alert you to events that fixed rules might miss,
AIOps for NGFW
can use machine learning to understand your deployment and offer you additional alerts tailored to your usage trends.
  • Forecast-Based Alerts
    help you anticipate issues by projecting how a device metric may change and alerting you accordingly.
  • Anomaly-Based Alerts
    establish a baseline behavior for a device metric and alert you when that metric crosses an
    Anomaly Threshold
    that you specify.
  1. Enable from
    Forecast and Anomaly Alerts
  2. Set the
    Default Anomaly Threshold
    This is the number of standard deviations, from 1 to 50, that determines how much a metric can change from its baseline before it triggers an alert.
  3. Select an alert that you want to investigate for anomalous behavior.
    You can also change the
    Anomaly Threshold
    from within the alert. This will override the global setting for this alert.
  4. Use chart tools to inspect anomalous periods.
    Normality Band
    shows you the range determined by the
    Anomaly Threshold
    that you set.
    Threshold Events
    show you precise moments when anomalies occurred.

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