View Device Details

By selecting a device from the
visualization or by following a link from elsewhere in the app, you can view specific details about a firewall or Panorama appliance, such as health grade, metrics, connections, and more.

Device Health Grade

The current health grade of the device and a chart showing its history over the past 30<x> days. Possible health grades are Good, Fair, Poor, and Critical.

Health Grade After Remediation

The health grade of the device after you have addressed open alerts. This tile also shows you the health of your overall deployment after closing alerts.

Total Alerts

The total number of open alerts on the device.

Top 5 Alerts

Five of the most common alerts on this device over the past 30 days.
Overview > Device Connections
The other devices connected to the one you are currently viewing. Select a device to view its details.
Overview > Service Connections
An overview of all Security and Logging services integrated with the device. Select a service to view its details.
Alert Timeline
A timeline of device alerts and commit events. Alerts are categorized as Critical, Warning, or Commit Events. Toggle to view the alert data in table format.
Top Alert Types for this Device
The most common alerts over the past 30 days. Select an alert to view its alert details.
Top 10 Application Usage
The ten applications using the most data on the firewall.
Metrics for this Device
A list of all health metrics collected for the security checks run against the device, including HA link data.
Select a metric to view its details.
Security Checks for this Device
A list of the security checks that this device has failed. View the Best Practices Dashboard for details about best practice compliance in your deployment.

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