Configure Security Checks

Learn about the security checks that
AIOps for NGFW
AIOps for NGFW
compares the configuration of firewalls and Panorama to Palo Alto Networks best practice checks to assess the security posture of your devices and to generate security alerts. Go to
Security Checks
to see a list of the best practice checks that
AIOps for NGFW
uses to evaluate your configuration. There, you can:
  1. Set the severity level for checks to identify the checks that are the most critical to your deployment.
  2. Temporarily disable checks.
    If you choose to disable a check, you can specify how long it will remain disabled and leave a comment explaining the reason for disabling it.
  3. Set the response when a check fails.
    • Alert
      —Raises an alert for the failed check.
    • Fail Commit
      — Panorama blocks commits if the check fails so that you can stop potential misconfigurations before they enter your deployment.
      This requires the AIOps plugin for Panorama.

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