Viewing Software Upgrade Recommendations

Describes how to view software upgrade recommendations.
For every plan in
Software Upgrade Recommendations
, you can:
  • view the number of devices that require an upgrade and the must fix vulnerabilities.
  • edit the name of a recommendation report to differentiate custom reports.
  • filter the recommendation reports by Creation Date, Plan Name, and Recommendations Generated By.
  • delete an upgrade recommendation that is failed or no longer required.
Click a recommendation report to view the detailed report with the upgrade options for the devices. Select an upgrade option to view further details about
New Features
PAN-OS Known Vulnerabilities
Changes of Behavior
PAN-OS Known Issues
. For a known issue under
PAN-OS Known Issues
, the value under
Associated Case Count
is obtained by the number of customers that have reported this issue.
to download this report in a CSV format.

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