Configure the Email Alias and Logo for Sending Notifications

The Aperture service is preconfigured with an SMTP service enabling you to send email notifications when a policy violation occurs. When you email a user, the default display name is Aperture Service and the sender email address is Use the following procedure to customize these fields.
Because General Settings apply to all cloud apps on Aperture, you must be an administrator with a Super Admin role or an Admin role with access to all apps to modify this setting.
  1. Select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  2. In the Email Configuration, enter the Sender Name. This is the name identifying the sender of the email message, so we recommend you use a name with imperative, such as Security Administrator or Compliance Auditor.
  3. Enter the Reply to email address you want to use for communication. We recommend you create and use a distribution list or an alias with a group of administrators or compliance auditors.
  4. Select the Default Time Zone such as your local time zone to display in the communication.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. (Optional) Upload an Email Logo to include in email messages. Browse to select the image and Save your changes.

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