Define Trusted and Untrusted Users and Domains

One of the first things you did when setting up the Aperture service was to Define Your Internal Domains. The Aperture service uses the domain name in the email address associated with the user’s cloud app account to determine if the user is internal to your organization. A user whose email address does not belong to an internal domain is considered an external user. For more granular control over these external users, you can define users and domains as trusted and untrusted. This allows you to protect your assets from being shared inadvertently or maliciously with users or domains you want to explicitly disallow.
Because Trusted and Untrusted Users and Domains apply to all cloud apps on Aperture, you must be an administrator with a Super Admin role or Admin with access to all apps to modify this setting.
  1. Select SettingsExternal Collaborators.
  2. Select Untrusted and enter the email address in untrusted users and the domains in untrusted domains.
  3. Save your setting.

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