Manage Aperture Administrators

Add Aperture administrators, manage authentication, create admin teams, and view activity on the Aperture service.
To resolve incidents identified by the Aperture service, the Aperture administrator must be able to understand the content and the context around each incident to determine if the incident poses a threat to your sensitive data or intellectual property. Depending on the size of your organization, the number of SaaS applications you manage, and the total number of managed assets and users, you can create more than one administrative account with access to manage all cloud apps or a group of apps on the Aperture service.
For example, you can delegate risks found in financial documents to the administrator of the Box folder for your finance department and delegate risks in your GitHub repository to the GitHub administrator in your engineering department without giving them access to every cloud app. Your administrator role has access to all the SaaS applications so you can then assign risks to the appropriate administrator to resolve, either through automated remediation or manually.

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