View Administrator Activity Logs

The Aperture service captures (logs) all actions performed by each administrator so a Super Admin can audit administrator activity and track changes initiated by administrators with any administrative role. Users with the Limited Admin role can see only their own activities while users with the Admin and Read Only roles can view activities performed by any administrator with the Admin, Limited Admin, or Read Only role.
  • View administrative activity logs for a specific administrator.
    1. Select SettingsAdmin Accounts.
    2. Click View Logs in the Actions column for the administrator whose activity logs you want to view.
      The page displays the email address of the administrator, the time stamp for the change, and the details regarding the action performed and where it was performed. Target displays the location of the asset, the associated risk, and the modified policy.
  • View administrative activity logs for all administrators.
    1. Select SettingsActivity Logs to audit the activity for all administrators configured on the Aperture service.

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