Activate Your Aperture Support License

Learn how to activate the licenses you purchased for the Aperture™ service.
You must register your Aperture™ serial number on the Customer Support Portal (CSP) to automatically activate the support entitlement allowing you to use the support resources you need to maximize the functionality, reliability, and availability of the Aperture service.
Before proceeding, locate the Aperture serial number and license authorization code from your Palo Alto Networks fulfillment email. If you cannot locate this email, contact customer support to obtain your serial number and authorization code.
If you launched the evaluation of the Aperture service using the Try a Product link on AssetsCloud Services of the CSP, you do not need to register or activate your Aperture license.
  1. Register the serial number for your Aperture instance.
    1. Log in to the Customer Support Portal.
    2. Select AssetsDevicesRegister New Device.
    3. Select Register device using Serial Number or Authorization Code and Submit.
    4. Enter the Serial Number and fill out the Location Information.
    5. After reading the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT and SUPPORT AGREEMENT, Agree and Submit.
  2. Verify the activation of your Aperture support license.
    You can verify your license from the CSP or from within the Aperture service:
    • To verify license activation on the CSP, find the support license and click the corresponding edit icon in the Actions column in AssetsDevices.
      Verify the license matches what you purchased.
    • To verify license activation in ApertureAccess the Aperture Service, select SettingsLicense Info to view information about your license, including the quantity of users permitted by the license, the serial number, and the license start date and end date.
  3. Proceed to Access the Aperture Service and Manage Aperture Administrators.

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