Add a New Setting for Third-Party Apps

To add a new setting for third-party apps:
  1. Add a new setting.
    1. Select ExploreThird-Party AppsSettings & Policy.
  2. Define the settings.
    1. To automatically block third-party apps, select Block by Default and then Block newly discovered third-party apps.
    2. Third-party apps are classified as either Registered or Unregistered to the app marketplace. Based on registration classification, select either Block unregistered apps by default or Block all apps by default.
    3. To send an email Notification to the admin when new apps are discovered, select New Third Party Apps (Admin digest).
    4. Set the admin email digest Frequency to either Daily or Weekly. Enter the admin email address to receive the email digest in the To field.
    5. To automatically email users who try to install a blocked app, select Blocked App (End-user Email).
    6. Click OK to save your settings.
  3. The Aperture service starts scanning third-party apps against your settings.
  4. When scanning is complete, you can View Information for Third-Party Apps.

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