Customize Table Columns

You can customize the column settings for assets and activity monitoring results. You can resize columns to adjust the amount of information you can see within a column (for example, expand the User column in Activity Monitoring to see the full email address or expand the Item Name column in Assets to see the full name). Also, you can choose which columns to show or hide so you can focus on the information that is important to you (for example, hide the Location and Target Type columns in Activity Monitoring).
Also, you can sort table columns to get a clearer view of how internal and external users (People) rank with respect to owned items, collaboration items, active risks, and risks on collaboration items.
Use the following procedure to customize table columns:
  1. Display the results.
    1. Select Assets, People, Domains, Activities, or Quarantine from the Explore menu.
  2. (Optional) Resize columns.
    1. Place the cursor over the column you want to resize. Make sure the cursor is near a divider line for the column.
    2. When the cursor changes to a double arrow, drag to resize the column.
  3. (Optional) Show or hide columns.
    Hiding columns does not impact the information exported to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
    1. To hide columns, select All Columns and remove the check mark from the columns you want to hide.
    2. To show a previously-hidden column, reopen the drop-down and select the columns you want to show.
  4. (Optional) Sort columns.
    Column sort is available for ExplorePeople.
    1. Place the cursor over the column with entries you want to sort. Make sure the cursor is near the column title.
    2. When a underscore (_) appears beneath the column title, click to sort the column entries.
      Columns with text values are sorted alphabetically (a to z). Columns with numbers are sorted lowest to highest.
    3. To reverse the sort order, click again.

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