View, Restore, or Delete Quarantined Files

You can use the Aperture service to view assets that have been automatically quarantined by a policy rule or manually quarantined by an administrator. You can restore the asset and return it back in the original location in the owner’s directory, or permanently delete the asset.
  1. Select ExploreQuarantine to view a list of assets that have been quarantined.
  2. To filter the list and narrow the results to meet your needs, search or use the following settings:
    • Date—Time frame when the quarantine occurred. For example: past week, past month, past year. You can also set a specific date or set a custom date range.
    • Cloud App—List the applications for which the quarantine occurred. For example, Box.
    • Rule—The policy rule that caused the asset to be quarantined.
    • Search—Find an item using part of the filename, part of the asset owner’s name or email address, or part of a report name.
  3. (Optional) You can Restore the asset to the owner’s original location, permanently Delete the asset, or click the download icon to download a copy of the asset for closer inspection.
  4. (Optional) Click the csv-export.png icon to download the logs as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You can then open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application to review the quarantined assets offline.

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