Install the Jive Add-On

Before you can begin scanning a Jive app, download and install a Jive client add-on. This add-on enables secure, OAuth 2.0 token and exchange authentication between the Jive app and the Aperture service.
  1. Download the Jive client add-on (oauth).
    1. Log in to the Jive Software Developer’s site and navigate to:
    2. Enter a Redirect URI/URL for the add-on. The redirect you enter depends on your Aperture service location:
      For North America, use:
      For Europe, use:
      For Asia-Pacific, use:
    3. Enter a Title and Description for the add-on. This information helps you identify the add-on in management settings on the Jive client.
    4. Click Download Add-On to download the package to your computer.
  2. Install the Jive client add-on.
    1. Log in to the Jive community console.
      You must be a Jive community administrator to install and configure the add-on for your Jive instance.
    2. From Jive, select ManageAdd Ons to open Jive Add-On management settings.
    3. Select All Add-onsUpload Package and browse to select the add-on package.
    4. Click Install Now to start the installation.
    5. Once installation is complete, click All Add-Ons to view the newly-installed add-on.
    6. To view the client ID and secret, open Settings for the add-on and select View Client ID and Secret.

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