Monitor Scan Results on the Dashboard

Review the scan results reported by the Aperture service on a single dashboard.
As the Aperture service starts scanning the sanctioned SaaS applications, the Dashboard presents a summary of the scan in six areas.
The Aperture Service Dashboard
Assets displays the top violations by exposure, (public, external, company, and internal) and the file types associated with the exposure.
Content Types
Content Types displays the six predefined data pattern groups and the total amount of content in the cloud. Click > to drill down into the details by content category.
Incidents display the number of the active incidents detected against data pattern and policy rule violations for each content type.
Users displays a list of users who own assets, if the assets are public, and displays the number of incidents associated with an asset. You can filter the data to view the owner with the most assets, most public files, and most incidents.
Policy Violations
Policy Violations display the type of policy violations and the number of new policies detected within the past week.
Collaborators displays the external collaborators with whom your internal users are sharing assets.
Use the Dashboard to explore the information on how and where assets are shared in your sanctioned SaaS applications, before you delve in to Assess Incidents or Fine-Tune Policy to rescan the assets and mitigate incidents. For example, you can use the Domains and Collaborators widgets on the Dashboard to see whether a collaborator or domain is properly identified as trusted or untrusted and make changes to the scan settings before the discovery phase is complete.

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