View Active Incidents

The Active Incidents widget on the Dashboard summarizes the number of active incidents detected against each policy rule with the exception of Rules, which are disabled by default.
The Aperture service starts scanning files and matching them against enabled policy rules as soon as you Add Cloud Apps to the Aperture Service or save a policy rule change. The default action is to generate a log when a policy violation occurs. If you enabled email alerts for high-risk issues such as malware or PII compliance violations, you will also receive an automatic email notification. Use the instructions in this section to review the active incidents across your managed cloud applications.
  1. In the Aperture dashboard, select View All Open Incidents and identify the rule for which you want to view open violations.
  2. Select the Rule from the rule drop-down. You can view active incidents for the policy rule sorted by severity.
  3. Continue to Assess Incidents and Remediate Issues.

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