View Collaborators

Use the Collaborators widget on the Aperture Dashboard to review the top external domains assets are being shared with.
The Collaborators widget displays the email domain of the top ten external collaborators with whom your internal users are sharing assets, the number of users for each domain, and the number of files shared. The widget can be expanded to view the summary of all domains, the number of users and the trust settings. You can use this information to change the trust settings and/or remove collaborators at the asset level if you are an administrator with a Super Admin role or an Admin role with access to all apps.
  1. Select Dashboard and use the Collaborators widget to view a summary of the top ten domains of external collaborators. These are users that are not members of the internal domains you specified in Define Your Internal Domains and with whom internal users are explicitly sharing assets (files or folders).
    • To assign a domain as Trusted or Untrusted, select from the Mark As drop-down.
      When you mark a domain as Untrusted, the domain is added to the list of untrusted users. For details, see Define Trusted and Untrusted Users and Domains.
  2. Select View All to view the domains of all external collaborators. The ExplorePeopleDomains page displays.
    1. Select the Users link to view details on the name of the user, their email address, and details about the number of items the user owns or collaborates on.
    2. Select the Name, Email, Owned Items, or Collaboration Items link for an overview about the user, including the Cloud Apps in which the user is an owner or collaborator.

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