Reauthenticate to a Cloud App

When you connect the Aperture service to one of your sanctioned SaaS applications, you must provide login credentials that enable the Aperture service to establish a secure connection with the cloud app. The Aperture service and the app will maintain this secure connection (in most cases using token-based authentication). In some cases, you might need to reauthenticate to a cloud app, such as when there is a network connectivity issue between the two services or when you change the password associated with the login account. You will also need to reauthenticate if the administrative user associated with the login account changes credentials to those associated with a different administrator.
  1. Select SettingsCloud Apps & Settings.
  2. Select the cloud app from the list and click Reauthenticate.
  3. Follow the same process to log in to the app that you did when you first added the app. See the specific app section in Add Cloud Apps to the Aperture Service for details on what privileges are required for each app and for specific steps to successfully authenticate.
  4. To begin scanning the app after you successfully reauthenticate, select ActionsStart Scanning.

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