View SaaS Application Usage on Aperture

Use the SaaS visibility dashboard on Aperture to explore details about application data and network traffic populated from the Cortex Data Lake.
Wait for up to 24 hours after you connect Aperture to the Cortex Data Lake to view details about data residing within enterprise-enabled SaaS applications and network traffic from firewall logs.
  • Log in to Aperture, and click ExploreSaaS Visibility.
    SaaS Visibility Dashboard
    1Dashboard Filters
    The SaaS visibility dashboard allows you to filter applications by Application or Bytes, for the past Month, Week, or Quarter.
    Displays an interactive view of the total number of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications by Sanctioned Status or Risk Score.
    Displays the number of applications or bytes with poor characteristics:
    • No Certifications
    • Data Breach history
    • Poor Financial Viability
    • Poor Terms of Service
    • No IP Restrictions
    4All Applications
    Lists every sanctioned or unsanctioned application, by subcategory and App-ID, and can be filtered by Sanction Status or Poor Characteristics.
    5Export CSV
    Export details for all applications into a CSV file.
    6App Name
    Click the app name to view details (Description, SaaS Characteristics, Users, Usage, Similar Applications by Type, Malware, Data Exfiltration) by Week, Month or Quarter for the SaaS application.
  • Click the App Name to view detailed application information populated from your Cortex Data Lake and Aperture.
    App Detail View
    1Dashboard Filter
    Filter the application details by Month, Week, or Quarter.
    2App Description
    Displays the application title, a sanctioned (grey) or unsanctioned (red) icon, app description populated from App-ID and the ability to tag the application Sanctioned or Unsanctioned on Aperture. This tag is local only to Aperture and will not be applied to the firewall.
    3SaaS Characteristics
    View the Pass or Fail status for Certifications, Data Breaches, Financial Viability, Terms of Service, and IP Restrictions retrieved from the App-ID.
    4View Icon
    Toggle between data visualization or table view to display the app details. The Export CSV link is available on the table view.
    Displays the number of users in comparison with the application with the most users. The table view displays a exportable list of usernames.
    Displays the number of sessions and bytes transferred for the selected app in comparison to other sessions and bytes for other applications.
    7Similar Applications by Type
    Displays the application, number of users and bytes of data transferred of similar applications.
    Displays if any malware has been detected.
    9Data Exfiltration
    Displays the total number of files exposed publicly or externally along with number of files in each classification. Click the total number of files to view the list of Assets.

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