New Features Introduced in December 2016

The following topic provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Aperture™ in December 2016. Refer to the Aperture Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use the Aperture service.
Support for Salesforce Sandbox
The Aperture service for Salesforce has been enhanced to include support for Salesforce Sandbox applications. A Sandbox creates copies of your Salesforce organization in separate environments. You can use them for developing, testing, and training, without compromising the data and applications in your production account.
Read Only Administrator Role
Account choices in the Aperture service have been updated to include a new Read Only administrator role. This addition gives you greater control over which tasks administrators can and cannot perform. In addition to the super_admin role (which is the role assigned to the user specified in the order fulfillment email), there are now three administrator roles you can manage:
  • Admin—A read-write administrator account that allows full functionality within the Aperture service, including the ability to automatically or manually remediate risks and create additional administrator accounts.
  • Limited Admin—An administrator account that allows the administrator to assess and remediate risks. This administrator cannot access the Aperture service settings or modify policy rules. (In previous releases, this role was named Reviewer).
  • Read Only—An administrator account that allows the administrator to view information collected by the Aperture service and generate reports but does not allow the administrator to make changes. For example, this administrator can access risks, but cannot remediate risks.
The new Read Only administrator role is useful for corporate executives and other users who need to oversee Aperture activity without making changes.
Reviewer Admin Account Change
To support the addition of the Automatic Risk Remediation and avoid confusion for account types, the name of the Reviewer admin account has changed to Limited Admin. Only the name has changed, account capabilities remain the same.

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