New Features Introduced in June 2017

The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Aperture™ in June 2017. Refer to the Aperture Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use the Aperture service.
Amazon Web Services (Beta)
You can now add Amazon (AWS) using the Aperture service to detect misuse and prevent exploitation of administrator accounts. With Aperture for AWS, you can identify vulnerable settings, such as AWS keys that have not been rotated or users who log in without multi-factor authentication. You can also monitor and remediate suspicious activities such as the launch of multiple virtual machines in a short period of time. The Aperture service scans settings and monitors activities and applies policy to identify exposures, risky user behavior, and sensitive information. As the service identifies risks, you can assess them and define automated actions to eliminate or dismiss the risk.
Third Party Apps (Beta)
Aperture now monitors third-party apps and plug-ins added by end-users to an application ecosystem such as G Suite. The Aperture service identifies and lists if the app is published in the App store, the app users and the permissions the app has requested. With the Aperture service, you can centrally monitor and manage all third-party apps to effectively identify and remediate any non-compliant third-party apps to prevent data exfiltration or unauthorized access.
Confluence (Beta)
You can now add Confluence to the Aperture service. Confluence by Atlassian provides a centralized platform for knowledge sharing, document management, project planning, and seamless integration with Atlassian JIRA for product development. By leveraging the Aperture service for Confluence, you can prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data as well as prevent malware propagation. You can also get holistic visibility into assets, including deep visibility into content and how it is shared.
ShareFile (Beta)
The Aperture service has been enhanced to include support for ShareFile. ShareFile by Citrix Systems is a file synchronization and storage service, providing virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud services with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud. The Aperture service scans and analyzes assets and email and applies policy to identify exposures, risky user behavior, and sensitive documents and identifies the potential risks associated with each asset. The service also performs deep content inspection and protects your assets from known and unknown malware, data exposure, and data exfiltration.

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