New Features Introduced in March 2017

The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Aperture™ in March 2017. Refer to the Aperture Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use the Aperture service.
Policy Violation Log Forwarding
The Aperture service can now forward Policy Violation logs to an external syslog server. This enables you to monitor Policy Violations from your external syslog server as they occur in your organization.
Activity-Based Alerts
To guard against potential misuse, you can configure User Activity Rules to monitor user actions in Aperture SaaS applications. For example, you can create a policy that sends an email alert or creates a log entry when a user downloads an excessive number of reports or tries to access an SaaS application from a malicious IP address. Similar to content-based policy rules, user activity rules include a robust set of match criteria that allow you to precisely define which activities to track.
Auto-Complete for Policy Names in Advanced Search
When you search for in Advanced Search to filter assets, a list of existing policy names appears as you type. You can quickly pick a name from the list, instead of typing the full name.
Support for ServiceNow and Jive
You can now add two new applications, ServiceNow and Jive, to the Aperture service:
  • ServiceNow is a suite of applications produced by ServiceNow, Inc. ServiceNow provides service management for every department in an enterprise, including Information Technology, Human Resources, Facilities, and Field Service. An enterprise may use one or more of the applications within the ServiceNow suite.
  • Jive is a commercial collaboration and knowledge management tool produced by Jive Software. Jive integrates the functionality of online communities, microblogging, social networking, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and instant messaging under one unified user interface. Content placed into any of the systems can be found through a common search interface.
By leveraging the Aperture service for ServiceNow and Jive, you can prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data as well as prevent malware propagation. You can get holistic visibility into assets, including deep visibility into content and how it is shared, and you can create policy to automatically remediate risks.

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