New Features Introduced in April 2018

The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Aperture™ in April 2018. Refer to the Aperture Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use the Aperture service.
Microsoft Azure Storage Application (Preview)
You can now prevent exposures of your Microsoft Azure private containers and control external operating systems from accessing your private file shares by adding the Microsoft Azure Storage App to the Aperture service. The Aperture service scans and analyzes all of your storage accounts and containers in a subscription and applies policy to identify exposures, external collaborators, and performs activity monitoring, including applied behavior analysis to identify potential risks associated with each asset. The service also performs deep content inspection and protects your subscription assets from known and unknown malware, risky activities, data exposure, and data exfiltration.
Google Cloud Storage Application (Preview)
You can now secure the sensitive data in your Google Cloud Storage App projects and buckets by leveraging the DLP and malware protection that the Aperture service provides. The Aperture service scans all of your projects and storage buckets to identify data exposures and malware so you can perform real-time monitoring of your sensitive assets and respond to threats, such as removing a public link from a private storage bucket. By adding Google Cloud Storage to the Aperture service, you can prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data as well as prevent malware propagation for all of your projects and buckets, including new buckets.

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