Connect MineMeld Nodes

After you Create a Minemeld Node, connect miner, processor, and output nodes to each other to set the direction of the flow of indicators.
  1. Verify that MineMeld is running (see Start, Stop, and Reset MineMeld).
  2. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  3. Click
    , and find the node you want to connect to another node.
  4. Edit the
    for the node.
    To establish the connection between miner, processor, and output nodes, you must:
    • Select one or more miners from which a processor will receive indicators.
    • Select which processors will send indicators to an output.
  5. Commit
    to save your changes.
  6. View the flow of indicators that the node is part of.
    1. View the list of
    2. Find the node in the list, and view the Graph ( * ) for it. Larger nodes process more indicators than smaller nodes.
  7. Share your MineMeld nodes and node connections with another MineMeld user.
    Select the
    tab, and click
    . When you share the code that this generates with other MineMeld users, they can
    it into their MineMeld instance.
    Use the MineMeld import feature to quickly load another user’s nodes and node connections into your MineMeld instance. Importing a configuration replaces any nodes or node connections you have previously created.

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