Create a Minemeld Node

Evaluate which sources of indicators you want to use and where to forward the indicators after MineMeld processes them. You can then create miner, processor, and output nodes based on this information.
  1. Verify that MineMeld is running (see Start, Stop, and Reset MineMeld).
  2. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  3. Click
  4. Select a prototype from the list. If you know the name of the prototype, use the Search field to quickly find the prototype.
  5. Clone
    the prototype to create a new node from it.
  6. Complete the required fields for the node:
    • Give the node a descriptive
    • (
      Processor and output nodes only
      ) Select one or more miner and/or processor nodes that the node will use as
      . The node will receive indicators from the inputs you select.
  7. Click
    . MineMeld switches to the Config tab automatically, which lists your newly created node.
  8. Commit
    to save the new node.
  9. Find the new node in the list of
    to verify that it was saved successfully.
    An exclamation point next to the node name notifies you that you must Complete additional required fields for a node.
  10. Complete additional required fields for a node.
    1. Hover over the exclamation point to see which fields are required.
    2. Click the node entry to view the node details.
    3. Enter or select a value for the required fields, and click
      to verify that the exclamation point is gone.
  11. Connect MineMeld Nodes to begin sending indicators to a destination.

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