Delete a MineMeld Node

Delete a node if you Create a Minemeld Node and decide that you no longer need to use it. Before you delete a node, be mindful of the nodes to which it is connected to ensure that you don’t accidentally cut off a desired flow of indicators to an output.
  1. Verify that MineMeld is running (see Start, Stop, and Reset MineMeld).
  2. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  3. Click
  4. Find the node you want to delete. If you know the name of the node, use the Search field to quickly find the node.
    Check the node inputs and verify that you can delete the connection to these inputs.
  5. Click x, and then click
    to confirm that you want to delete the node.
  6. Commit
    to delete the node.
  7. Check that the node no longer appears in the list of
    to verify that it was deleted successfully.

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