Start, Stop, and Reset MineMeld

Before you begin to use MineMeld, learn how to start, stop, or reset the MineMeld app.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  2. Choose from the following options:
    • Start
      A progress bar indicates that MineMeld is deploying. You can Use AutoFocus-Hosted MineMeld when the deployment is complete. The initial MineMeld deployment may take several minutes.
    • Stop
      the running instance of MineMeld.
      Stop MineMeld from retrieving, processing, and delivering indicators to output nodes. To re-open the previously deployed instance of MineMeld, you must
      MineMeld again.
    • Reset
      MineMeld to its default configuration.
    When you reset MineMeld, this permanently deletes any nodes or customizations you have made within the app. However, if you reset MineMeld after you Forward MineMeld Indicators to AutoFocus, AutoFocus will continue to store the forwarded indicators from the deleted nodes.
    If you use MineMeld to forward indicators to an external dynamic list on a Palo Alto Networks firewall and reset MineMeld, you must update the external dynamic list with a new link from MineMeld.

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