Use AutoFocus-Hosted MineMeld

MineMeld is available on a per support account basis. Use MineMeld to Find High-Risk Artifacts and gain more visibility into threats on your network. When MineMeld is running, it extracts and processes indicators based on the nodes that are connected.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane, and
    A link to MineMeld displays on the navigation pane when MineMeld starts deploying.
  2. Access
    from the navigation pane.
  3. Choose from the following actions:
    • Get an overview of miner, processor, and output nodes currently in use on the
      When using MineMeld for the first time (or after a resetting it), the default configuration of nodes sends IP addresses, URLs, and domains from a set of block lists to the Indicator Store, a storage space in AutoFocus for external indicators. Click
      on the navigation pane to view the Indicator Store.
    • View a library of miner, processor, and output
      you can clone to Create a Minemeld Node.
    • View a complete list of
      you’ve created.
    • Choose other nodes from which a node will receive indicators. Edit the inputs of the node
      to Connect MineMeld Nodes. The Config tab also allows you to Delete a MineMeld Node.
    • View the
      , which is a record of indicators that MineMeld extracted from feed sources.
    For more guidance on how to use MineMeld, see MineMeld.

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