The Sessions tab displays all Sessions associated with samples from your network. Click the column headers to sort sessions in ascending (up arrow) or descending (down arrow) order.
Session Details
After performing an AutoFocus Search, select
and select a single session to drill down for session details:
Display sessions based on the Upload Source. Add the search condition
Upload Source
to your current search and choose a session source. In the example above, the sessions search results have the Upload Source
, which means that they are sessions associated with samples submitted to WildFire from your connected firewall.
Session details include a
Session Summary
, from which you can add artifacts to your existing search or launch a new search for an artifact in a separate browser window.
File Analysis
tab displays artifacts that WildFire found in the sample detected during the session (see Sample Details for information on the File Analysis tab).
Session details also include a list of
Related Sessions
, which are other sessions during which the same sample was detected.
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