DNS Security Dashboard Overview

Scroll through the AutoFocus DNS Security dashboard to view and drill down into various DNS trends discovered in your network by AutoFocus. Each dashboard widget provides a unique view into how DNS requests are processed and categorized. Clicking on widgets allow you to change the context of the dashboard or view more information about a specific trend, domain, or statistic.
From the DNS Security dashboard page, you can:
  • View DNS request statistics and trends
  • View DNS activity associated with malicious domains
  • View the breakdown of DNS-based malware and request types
  • View your organization's coverage (number of firewalls with a DNS Security license)
Filter the contents of your dashboard based on the DNS category and the time-frame.
  • Filter by DNS Category—Select from
    C2 (DGA, Tunneling, other C2
    Newly Registered Domain
    Dynamic DNS
    , or
    Any Category
    , to filter the data set based on a a DNS type.
  • Filter by Period—Select from
    Last hour
    Last 24 hours
    Last 7 days
    , or
    Last 30 days
    to display data for a specific time-frame.
Drill Down on the DNS Security Dashboard Widgets for more details on a specific DNS request trend or statistic.
For an overview of each of the dashboard widgets, see DNS Security Dashboard Widgets

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