Session-Based Tagging

You can now tag search conditions that pertain to session information. You can find session information when you view the network sessions relatedto asample or session details in your search results.
  1. Start an AutoFocus™ search for session information.
    • The list of
      Session Identifiers
      includes types of artifacts that pertain exclusively to session-related information:
    • The following types of artifacts pertain to information that you can find in both sample and session search results:
      Email Address
      IP Address
      , and
      User Agent
  2. Click the tag icon to create a tag based on your search conditions.
  3. Verify that you created the tag successfully.
    1. Click
      on the navigation pane.
    2. Type the name of the tag you just created in the quick search field to quickly locate the tag.
    3. Click on the tag to view the search conditions in the tag details. New tags are private by default.

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