Single Search for All Tag Conditions

You can now add all of the conditions that define a tag to an AutoFocus™ search with a single click. Searching with the tag itself returns all samples and sessions that match at least one of the tag conditions; adding all tag conditions to a search allows you to disable or delete tag conditions that you would like to exclude from the search. It also provides a quick way to create a new tag, as you can modify the conditions of an existing tag and save them under a different tag name.
  1. In the
    view, click a tag.
  2. Click the Search All icon, located after the last set of tag conditions, to add all of the tag conditions to an AutoFocus search. The example below has three sets of tag conditions.
  3. View the search results to see samples and sessions that match the tag conditions. Notice in the figure below that the three sets of tag conditions from Step 2 were added to a new search.
    To view samples and sessions that only match some tag conditions and not others,
    the tag conditions you want to exclude from the search and click
    . Alternatively, you can delete some of the tag conditions and create a new tag.
  4. Next step:
    Learn more about how to customize your search with the AutoFocus search editor.

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