New Alert Filters

  1. Select
    on the left-hand navigation pane to view the Alerts Log.
  2. Select the filter icon:
  3. Search for alerts based on the following alert criteria:
    • Time Sent
      —Find alerts based on the time that AutoFocus sent the alert.
    • SHA256
      —Enter the SHA256 hash for a sample to find alerts related to that sample.
    • Tag Class
      —Enter a tag class to find all alerts for tags with that class. For example, filter for alerts on tags that are classified as part of a malware family.
    • Tag Name
      —Enter a tag name to find alerts based on that tag.
    • Tag Scope
      —Find alerts based on tag types: Unit 42, Unit 42 informational, public, and private.
    • Send Status
      —Find alerts based on the alert delivery status (
      , or
      no action
  4. Next step:
    Learn about AutoFocus alerts.

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