Threat Summary Report

You can now view a threat summary report that provides a visual overview of malware trends in your network. The threat summary report also allows you to compare your malware trends with the overall trend for other AutoFocus™ customers in an industry. To reveal more about the nature of threats, the report includes the top AutoFocus tags that AutoFocus matched with your malware samples. You have the option to download a PDF of the report to view the report details offline.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  2. Filter the data that the report displays.
    1. Click
    2. Select a time
      for the report data.
    3. Generate
      the threat summary report.
  3. View the threat summary report details. For a more detailed explanation of each chart in the report, refer to the Threat Summary Report Overview.
    • Observe the growth or decline of malware over a time period. Compare your trend with the trend for the industry associated with your AutoFocus support account.
    • See a breakdown of your samples grouped by WildFire® verdict: malware, grayware, and benign. Compare the number of tagged malware samples against untagged malware samples.
    • Determine which applications attackers most frequently used to deliver malware and the file formats in which they were delivered.
    • Note the top tags matched with your malware samples to identify the most predominant threats in your network. The tags are sorted by tag class (malware family, campaign, and malicious behavior)
  4. Download PDF
    to generate a printable PDF version of the report.

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