New Features: February 2019

The following topics provide a snapshot of the AutoFocus™ features introduced in February 2019. Each section includes context for the new feature, with steps to get started.
February AutoFocus Features
About Each Feature
PAN-DB Multi-Category URL Filtering Support
PAN-DB now assigns multiple categories to URLs to classify websites based on content, features, and safety. Each URL entry supports up to four category types and a risk category, an additional security-focused URL category that indicates its overall threat level. AutoFocus supports this enhancement by displaying all matching categories for a specified URL.
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Improved Tag Group Categories
An AutoFocus™ tag group is a collection of tags defined by Unit 42 researchers that are shown to connect to each other. The tags in a particular group can show relationships, such as family, type, and shared usage via attack campaign. AutoFocus now provides an expanded and enhanced list of tag groups. These tag groups have been restructured to provide better categorization and feature a more detailed description of the type of tags included in the group.
  1. Click
    Tags > Groups
    to view a list of tag groups.
  2. For each tag group, a description and the number of associated tags are shown. Click on ( af-expand-button.png ) next to a group to expand a list of tags. You can hover over a tag for additional details.
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