Enhanced Dashboard Control

AutoFocus™ now gives you finer control over your dashboard with the option to manage reports. These are the same threat summary reports available under
AutoFocus > Reports
. As a result, any changes made to a given report under the
will also be reflected in
as well. The new options include pinning reports so they quickly accessible, as well as being able to update and clone pages.
  1. Go to your AutoFocus Dashboard and select the configure button to add an existing report to your dashboard view. Selecting a report adds a new tab with the report name to the dashboard.
  2. You can reorder the report tab list by dragging and dropping the report into a new order. The report at the top of the list corresponds to the leftmost report in the tab.
  3. (Optional) For default reports, you can
    Upgrade Page
    to sync with the latest version of the report from Palo Alto Networks®. From here, you can also
    Clone Page
    to create another version of the selected report.
  4. Next steps: Learn more about how to create AutoFocus reports.

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