Support for Windows 10 Analysis Environment

AutoFocus™ now allows you to leverage analysis data from files that have undergone WildFire® analysis using the Windows 10 analysis environment. This virtual environment is configured using the following system attributes: Windows 10 x64, Flash 22, Adobe Reader 11, and Office 2010.
The nested WildFire Dynamic Analysis section has tabs for the VM environments used to analyze a file. Selecting a tab displays the sample’s observed behavior and lists each activity the sample performed when executed in the WildFire analysis environment.
  1. Start an AutoFocus search to view a list of samples.
  2. Click a sample to view detailed analysis information about the file.
  3. If a sample was analyzed using the Windows 10 analysis environment, a column labeled
    Windows 10 x64
    is shown next to
    WildFire Dynamic Analysis
    . Select
    Windows 10 x64
    to view the dynamic analysis details associated with the new Windows 10 VM. You can expand any of the subsections for additional information.
  4. Next steps: Learn more about Viewing Sample Details.

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