Find Tags with the Most Recent Comments

You can now sort tags based on the date and time of the most recently submitted comment. This allows you to find tags with the most recent feedback from the AutoFocus™ community.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  2. Choose Columns
    and select
    Last Comment
    to display dates and times for the most recently submitted tag comments.
  3. Continue to
    Sort by: Last Comment
    When you sort by
    Last Comment
    , tags with no comments (and, therefore, no
    Last Comment
    information) are listed in no particular order after the final tag with comments.
    You can Sort by Column Headers to sort the rows by
    Last Comment
    more quickly.
  4. Click
    Sort Descending
    to view tags with the most recently submitted comments; click
    Sort Ascending
    to view tags with the oldest or least recently submitted comments.
  5. Next steps:

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