: Tag Class Icons
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Tag Class Icons

New tag icons based on tag class let you see at a glance whether a tagged sample is:
  • Linked to threats that belong to a certain
    Malware Family
  • Part of a larger
    of attacks
  • Linked to a threat
  • Linked to an
  • A type of
    Malicious Behavior
    that indicates that your system has been compromised
Note that the color of the tag class icon depends on the Tag Type. For example, a public tag linked to malicious behavior will have a gray malicious behavior icon:
  1. Find a tag to link to a tag class.
    Edit an existing tag. You can only edit tags that you created; you cannot edit tags created by others, such as by Unit 42.
    1. Click a tag to view the tag details.
    2. Edit
      the tag details.
  2. Select a
    Tag Class
    for the tag.
  3. Tag Results
    that match the conditions of the tag.
  4. Verify that the changes you made to the tag were saved.
    1. Click
      on the navigation pane.
    2. Type the tag name in the quick search field to quickly locate the tag.
    3. Verify that the tag icon matches the tag class you selected in Step 2.
  5. Next steps:

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