Search with New APK Artifacts

WildFire® now categorizes new properties when performing static analysis on an Android Package (APK) file. In AutoFocus™, you can search for APK files based on these properties.
  1. Start an AutoFocus search with any of the following new types of APK artifacts:
    • APK Certificate
    • APK Embedded Libraries
    • APK Package Name
    • APK Repackaged
    • APK Signer
    • APK Version
  2. View the WildFire analysis information for the APK artifact type you selected in the previous step.
    1. Click a sample hash from the list of search results, and view sample details.
    2. In the WildFire Static Analysis section, expand the APK property to view more details.
  3. (
    ) Start a new search for any suspicious or highly suspicious artifacts (see Multiple Active Searches).

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