Sort by Column Headers

You can now click the column headers in AutoFocus™ search results, alerts, tags, and export lists to sort (instead of clicking Sort by).
  1. Choose Columns
    to display in your search results, alerts, tags, or export lists.
  2. Click a column header to sort by the column contents. The contents of each column are sorted in
    order by default:
    • Dates and times—Oldest or least recent dates and times are displayed first.
    • Numbers—Lowest values are displayed first.
    • Alphanumeric—Values are sorted alphanumerically starting with numbers 0-9, followed by letters A-Z.
    The arrow next to the column header indicates the direction that the table is sorted. The up arrow indicates that the column is sorted in
    order; the down arrow indicates that it is sorted in
    In general, when you sort search results in
    order, rows with no reported values for the column header category are displayed first; however, when you sort the tags list, rows with no reported values for the category are displayed last regardless of the sort order.
  3. Click the column header again to reverse the order of the column contents and corresponding rows (

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