AutoFocus Tag Groups

An AutoFocus™ tag group is a collection of tags that are shown to connect to each other. The tags in a particular group can show relationships, such as family, type, and shared usage via attack campaigns. Tags are produced based on research done by the Unit 42 Palo Alto Networks® threat research team. If your organization has private tags that are related to a tag group, you can also add them to a group by editing the private tag settings.
There is a new Groups column in the group view (
) that indicates whether a tag is part of a group. A new parameter has also been added to allow searches by tag group.
Each WildFire cloud—global, regional, and private—analyzes samples and generates WildFire verdicts independently of the other WildFire clouds. With the exception of WildFire private cloud verdicts, WildFire verdicts are shared globally, enabling WildFire users to access a worldwide database of threat data.
AutoFocus tag groups are continuously added as they are created by Unit 42.

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